Lubo Kirov

He was born on 26 October 1972 in Pleven. He graduated from the Secondary Special Art School of Applied Arts (SSHUPI) in Troyan, and then - Ceramics and Glass at the Art Academy. He became a star as Lubo from "They" in 2000-2007. With them he has won four times the award for the best Bulgarian group, but he has also [...]

Mihaela Fileva

Mihaela Fileva is a Bulgarian singer. Her career began in 2005, after she participated in the first television music reality in Bulgaria "Hit minus one", where she gained popularity. Then in 2011 she participated in the first edition of "X Factor".The very next year she became the first top artist of the music publisher Monte Music.


Kristian Talev - Krisko was born on 11 May 1988 in Sofia. He grew up in a family of musicians and his professional music career started in his childhood years in music shows. In 2005 he started writing for himself Pop , R&B and Hip Hop songs and a little later he started studying tone direction. As [...]


The name Biljanish is already known to young people not only in Bulgaria. Behind it stands Biljana Lazarova - singer, model, influencer. "Although still a teenager, Biljanish is a girl with a complete character and style of expression, who is not ashamed of taking everything seriously - writes Georgi Toshev about her.


Гери-Никол е родена на 30 юли 1998 г. в град Варна. На десетгодишна възраст играе в главната роля в късометражния български филм „Съдба“, който е излъчван по NOVA, но няма записи. Записва се в музикалното училище във Варна. В седми клас започва уроци по пеене и солфеж. Завършва първа в паралелката „Поп и джаз пеене“ […]

Emil TRF

Emil Tonchev graduated from Language High School. He studied at the University of Economics - Varna for about a year, but dropped out. Then he devoted himself entirely to music.


Christina Pencheva, better known as Tita, is a Bulgarian pop singer, actress and photomodel. She became famous after her participation in the X Factor, along with Geri-Nikol and Michelle Straminski.


With her distinctive voice, bright style and irresistible charisma DARA is among the favorite pop artists both in Bulgaria and in the Balkans. The young artist made an amazing debut in 2016 with her infectiously melodic single "K'vo ne chu", which reached #1 in the official music chart of Bulgaria and with which she was awarded "Best Female Singer" [...]